Why Join a Chamber of Commerce

The Ridgefield, CT community is flourishing! As part of a region ripe with professionals and successful entrepreneurs, it’s no wonder the future is continuously looking bright. As in town networking opportunities abound, the question as to the benefits of joining the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce (RCOC) can be daunting. Yet, the gains of joining the RCOC exceeds those of most chambers.

Why join a Chamber of Commerce?

Networking events and access to directories of well-established local businesses is often the most cited reason for joining a chamber. In truth, it is one of a much longer list of advantages of modern Chamber membership. First and foremost, being a chamber member, especially an actively involved one has shown to increase the likelihood another company, or business prospect, will want to work with you. Not only does it indicate involvement in one’s community, but it also infers a level a fiscal standing that results from communal loyalty. By joining, you add substantial credibility to your business.

While attending Chamber networking events seems like an obvious bonus, many don’t know they can often create and publicize their own events within the Chamber itself. The opportunity is present to lead the events, boosting their credibility and generating tons of print and digital media attention for their business. This reputation boost comes both from the Chamber’s event marketing as well as the business’s own ability to share the event video, occurrence or resulting published articles on the event.