Marketing Help for Ridgefield Restaurants

Marketing agencies, advice articles and alleged gurus are everywhere these days. For local restaurants, trying to ensure they are keeping up and bring in steady traffic, this can be daunting and mostly, fiscally overwhelming. To address the growing concerns of local eateries the RCOC (Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce) is teaming up with Rocket Small Businesses to offer a class specifically for restaurants.

This seminar is entitled ‘5 Restaurant Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today to Drive More Customers (Plus 1 Tip to Stop Your Guests From Being Hijacked)’ and all restaurants in Ridgefield and surrounding towns are invited to attend. The event is set for March 16th, starting at 9:30 and while there is no cost, reservations are required. It will be hosted at the Ridgefield Park and Recreation center, located at 195 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield, CT.

During this session, Rocket Small Business professionals will help local restaurants learn valuable tips and tricks to help attract and retain more diners. This is in addition to learning how to make restaurants stand out and make lasting impressions on potential guests. Rocket Small Businesses will share some of the best tips that are currently helping the restaurant industry to increase diners by 10, 20 or even 30 percent over time.

Session topics will include:

1) How to determine how many people are seeing restaurant’s social media sites and websites

2) The most effective ways to grow customer lists

3) 3 key elements to successful email campaigns

4) How to use reviews to grow businesses

5) The best ways to make websites easier for diners to use

6) Showing how restaurant traffic is being hijacked without the owner’s knowledge

The goal is for restaurant professionals to come away with several actionable tips they can implement immediately to start driving more covers.

Those interested are encouraged to reach out to the RCOC to reserve a space.