Help for Connecticut Businesses: The Weekly RBMC

Help for Connecticut businesses isn’t always easy to find. Starting, running, financial planning, maintaining and often salvaging businesses; no matter what the type, can be scary and overwhelming even for the best of us. Yet for so many guidance is scarce at best. Even with an allotted budget for outside help, where to start can be a gamble, a costly one most can’t afford. With this in mind the RBMC (Ridgefield Business Council) meets weekly to help offer this exact aide and help to all RCOC (Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce) members.

The support offered is grounded in the best possible place for a budding, or even wilting, businesses as not only is it located in Ridgefield, Conneticut’s town hall, but the chamber members who volunteer their time are among the most esteemed professionals. With years of experience, and a true dedication to enriching local enterprises; advice, planning and more is made readily available.

What’s more is that the weekly council also is paramount networking for new businesses or aspiring entrepreneurs. As those who volunteer are part of the RCOC, not only can they advise, but perhaps more valuable, introduce, members to the resources they need to succeed.

Event Details:

When: Every Thursday, 8:00 - 9:00AM

Where: Town Hall, lower level small conference room

Who: All chamber members

How: If you are interested please Call 203.438.5992 or contact us for more details.