Better Business...Better Ridgefield!

Being a member of the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce and attending events for the past several years has definitely increased visibility for my social media coaching and consulting business. I have made high-quality connections, signed many clients and built long term relationships thanks to this Chamber that have benefited my business immensely.
Kate Denoyer Fitzpatrick, Founder & CEO Kate Fitzpatrick Consulting




As a Chamber Member, you are eligible to accept the “Gift of Choice” gift certificates as a form of payment for goods or services.  The Chamber has historically sold approximately 1,000 gift certificates each year for more than 20 years!  This helps keep close to $30,000 in the local Ridgefield economy! 



  • People purchase the gift certificates from the Chamber to give to others as a gift

  • The recipient visits for a member directory 

  • The gift certificate holder must use the certificate in one place at one time therefore, the recipient uses the gift certificate at your business for as close to the full amount as possible (or over the amount).  The transaction is treated as a payment by check (see last line below) Do we need to include this? Isn’t it up to them?

  • If the purchase amount is LESS THAN the gift certificate amount, you can either:

  • Give them the remaining balance in cash/coin, OR

  • Put the remaining balance on a gift card/gift certificate of your own

  • You retain the paper gift certificate from the recipient to bring to the Chamber office at 13 Grove Street, Ridgefield so we can write you a check for the full face value of the gift certificate(s).  We require the physical paper gift certificate in order to write a check.  We cannot accept gift certificates that have been defaced.

  • You deposit the check in the bank so that it is treated as a ‘check’ transaction



  • Gift certificates are treated like ‘cash’ – if lost, stolen or damaged beyond recognition, there is no way that we can replace, redeem, or reimburse them.

  • We highly recommend that you physically bring the gift certificates to the Chamber office as opposed to mailing them to the Chamber for redemption (see first bullet point)

  • You may use the gift certificates you’ve collected toward your dues payment – we still need the physical gift certificates returned to the Chamber office.

  • Only Chamber members in good standing who are current on their dues can accept gift certificates. The Chamber reserves the right to decline reimbursing gift certificates for businesses who have let their membership lapse or who have canceled Chamber membership.  The Chamber also reserves the right to put gift certificate redemption amount toward renewal dues to reactive membership.

  • In the case of a lapsed membership, the gift certificate redemption amount will first be used toward the overdue dues, then reactivating the membership account in full, and then any remaining amount going to the business. Do we do this?