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What is the Chamber Community Video Program? 


In partnership with Mack Media Group, The Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce presents the Community Video Program!


The Community Video Program is a Chamber-Wide promotion of education, business, commerce, amenities and quality of life in the town of Ridgefield. Participants will receive an HD Professionally Produced Video between 45 and 90 seconds long, posted on the Video Tourbook webpage of the RCoC, and on the Chamber’s Facebook page, guaranteed with up to 10k views!


Why Participate?


Businesses that choose to participate in this Chamber-wide program have the opportunity to create new, engaging content to drive viewers to their website, and in turn, more customers. It is your businesses’ opportunity to showcase your services, facilities, personnel and more!


What about the video?


Mack Media Group has a full-service video production team on staff, including 2 FAA licensed Drone Pilots, Professional Voice-Over and Scriptwriting services, 4k HD camera shooting capabilities, and cutting-edge Post-Production, Video Editing support staff. You also have the option of providing your own video.


Become the face of Ridgefield Business and Commerce with the new Community Video Program!

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